Week 13 and the missing 12!

I did not post last week. I wrote it up and then for some reason could not finish writing. The last couple of weeks have been a struggle. I have this pain in both my legs in the ankle region. I think it’s my Achilles tendon. I think, its overuse. I think I am using the word “think” way too much and should just see a doctor. Yet, I think that rest and relaxation will fix it. How do I know? I recently took a trip to Mexico and after a couple of days of rest felt almost back to normal.

So let’s recap Week 2. I ran a total of 28.8 miles (Runs 45-48) in a shortened week in which I missed my first run, Mexico was not conducive to me running. The new normal at least until race day, will be 2 easy runs per week, Monday and Friday. Wednesdays are race pace days where I run at race pace for X amount of time. The first happened in Week 12 which was almost 7 miles at race pace. Straight, with no breaks, after a week in the Caribbean that consisted of eating and drinking way too much. Week 12 was capped with a redo of my longest run, 160 minutes (2hrs 40min) or 16.64 miles. This time around, I parked my car in the Coop city part of the Bronx, right next to Pelham Park and ran home, all uphill I might add, to pick up Martha. We then proceeded to run back to the car by doing a massive loop around. I was dead at the end, and the aforementioned :injury: yelled at me.

So, Week 13 aka the hardest week, aka the longest week, aka almost there week, aka aka aka. I ran a total of 39.5 miles (Runs 49-52).

Run 49 was an easy run that did not feel easy. My body was still yelling at me from the weekend. The torturous 160 minutes still weighed heavy. Yet I still managed to do, a respectable to me 9:45 pace and 7.2 miles.

Run 50 was marathon pace day. After a .62 mile warm up. I proceeded to do 1.25 Miles race pace with .25 mile rest at easy pace, 5 times. This takes a toll, because mentally it plays with your mind. Even though I was able to do 6+ miles straight last week, my body is not right. It’s throwing a revolt against it all. So I doubted being able to do, what I knew I could. Yet, I did it!

As I mentioned earlier I will be doing this specific brand of mid week workout until the end. Progressively going down. First it was a full 6+ miles non stop, then 5 sets, this week it’s 4 sets and so forth until Marathon day.

Run 51 – Quick 45. Everything hurts and I have my longest run of the training for number 52. Just getting through this, is the goal. No more, no less. Just one foot in front of the other. Let the body go through its paces. It did not bode well for my confidence that it was such a struggle!

Run 52 – 3 hours! Running is a solitary sport. I enjoy just hitting the pavement. Whether I am in pain or not, whether I feel good or not. You take to the road and let it all wave through you. In the end, the body knows when it can’t go anymore. I have hit those walls, and I have stopped. My body is fine, and it will make it through the final 3 weeks of training and run the marathon. I just need to get past this 3hr run. Today, company made all the difference. While I run with Martha, we barely speak if any, it’s just the act of having someone there, to push you, to animate you in these long long runs. It Helps! It’s the same with the race. You are alone, yet not alone. I remember when I ran the Marine Corps with my sister. We ran together the entire way, and she would be basking in the crowd, in the regalia of the event. I would just pinpoint and focus on someone, something and just run. The crowd and regalia were all secondary and tertiary characters.

I started with a quick known loop around the house to clock in 5 miles. Martha, needs to do 13 for her Half Marathon training. The idea being, one quick 5 mile loop, followed by one even longer 14 mile loop! At mile 4 I called Martha to bring 2 Tylenol to our rendezvous. Everything hurt, but of more note, my ankle area on both feet. I say area because it is not really the ankles but the general area. I popped the two Tylenol and headed out, knowing I had anywhere from 13 to 14 miles remaining, depending on the pace. Up until this point it was close to a 10 minute pace, and it took me a good quarter mile to start running again in somewhat decent form again. This was all in range of what I was suppose to do, but not optimal.

We ran to the start of the Bronx River trail and ran it to the end in Scarsdale, then looped around and up some massive hills to get to Rt 22 Post Road. We took this and its massive hills to California Road which we followed all the way to Devonia Road and back to my town of Fleetwood. In the process we traversed Bronxville, Tuckahoe, Crestwood, EastChester, Scarsdale and New Rochelle. The biggest takeaway here is that instead of continuing at that 10minute pace, I increased it continuously. First to 9:30something, then 9:20something. In the end, my final miles were done at a very presentable 9:00something pace. I can honestly say it was all in the good company. It was a confidence boost that with so much pain, and everything apparently on top of me. I was able to finish the 3 hours and finish strong enough where I thought I could keep going if needed. 3 hours prior, I doubted it all, and somehow finished strong!

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