First 2 Weeks – Road to Carmel Marathon

Total Mileage – 38.87

Run 1 – 12/14/20 – Easy Run – Today was my first run en route to the Carmel Marathon. I woke up right at 6am and did not hit the snooze button, not because I did not want to sleep more, but because the day calls for sleet/rain/snow that supposedly starts at 7AM. So I wanted to make sure Day 1 was in the books. Now it is.

This new phase and this new marathon is being done using a coach, Javier from XPlora, in the Dominican Republic. The hope being that with proper coaching I can somehow break the 4 hour barrier.

It was drizzling when I left this morning and that drizzle almost kept me at home. I checked the weather on the way out and it said it would continue doing so the remainder of the morning with actual rain/snow starting at 7am. So I put on a hoodie and went. I was going to try the new shoes today, but figured I should wait, not knowing how bad the weather would be.

The run was uneventful, with about 15/20 minutes left I started feeling pain on the inside back part of my left knee. I ran with it the rest of the way. I told myself I need to roll out as soon as I get home and I did.

50 minutes at an easy pace. I use to think easy pace was a 9:15-9:30 pace. The new coach says I need to run slower. So the new easy pace is a 10 flat. We will see how that goes. I have been practicing for a couple of weeks now. I was able to do 5.03 miles in that time of a modified hilly loop or a 10:02 pace. The great thing about that pace is that thus far, I always feel like I can keep running.

Day 1 in the bag, and since I am paying for coaching and this week is about to turn messy. Let me reach out to my coach to modify the week around the snow.

Run 212/15/20 – From the very get go I knew it was going to be a hard run. The idea of holding and 8 minute pace for that long put doubts in my head. So I think I had lost before I even left. Not sure how the 5k will work later this week.

Maybe its the fact of going in circles that kills you. Doing the circles in around the lake sounded like a good idea when I got there, but waiting to get to a certain place just does not make much sense.

Run 3 – 12/18/20 – It snowed quite a bit yesterday and the day before, so I have not ran in two full days because of it. Today, I will run at the gym and it was the first but will definitely not be the last I run on the treadmill. The winters could be tough. I will try and run outside as much as possible, but the treadmill will have to do at times.

The run was an easy one, with strides at the end. I have seen that in different apps but have never really done them. Basically you run slow and just push to 5k pace in 30 second intervals. Nice and quick. I have a 5k test tomorrow and it was nice to see that I can speed up to that without much pain. Can I really hold that for three miles. Tomorrow will be the indication of that.

Today’s run also was done with the mask on the whole time. I need to see about getting a better running mask for when I have to run in the gym. What I am using is too tight and actually feels like it cuts circulation.

Run 4 – 12/19/20 – 5k Test – For this run, I needed to do a 5k test to make sure that I was running at the adequate pace. I was afraid of undertaking this, since the other day, during run 2 I had so many struggles pushing. Having had a big snow storm the other day, the only logical way of doing this was to head to Central Park.

It started with a 15 minute warm up that consisted of 9 minutes at an easy pace. Then 4 rounds of 30 minute at 5k pace and 1 minute super easy. Called Strides. It really does help to ease out the muscles.

Then the 5k test, I came out of the gate WAY too quick. WAY too quick. I started at a sub 7 pace, even though I knew I would not be able to uphold the pace. I then had to slow down and stopped the watch at the 72 street pass, between the horses and the snow. It was the safest thing to do, at least that is what my mind told me to do.

After that, it was just pushing. I have no explanations if not to say that it was hard, but I am guessing it was suppose to be hard. Central Park is not the right place to undertake runs like this. The hills, oh the hills, are long and violent and the downhills somehow are not any better.

I wound up finishing the test in 22:53, a descent showing.

With the result of this test, all my times dropped and now I am training more in line with what I think are my capabilities as a runner. This whole week will be a gym week, so we will see how this all goes. I think I will wear the disposable masks which may be better in the long run for what I want to do.

Run 5 – 12/21/20 – Easy run but on the treadmill which adds a certain overall difficulty to the equation. I had not slept well the night before and running for 50 minutes made things rather difficult specially on the fucking treadmill.

The first treadmill was skipping so I had to change machines mid stride. The second machine was better but the never ending monotony of running at the exact same pace for a such a long time makes the whole process rather boring and difficult. I will have to run again on the treadmill soon and not only run, but also do sprints of about a 1/2 mile each while I am at it.

Run 6 – 12/23/20 – 800m at 5k Times 5 – Again this was done at the gym, but I am recollecting it 3 days later. It was the first time I did not wear a mask at the gym. I tried, but running at a 5k pace for a mile with a mask is not easy. Also, my 5k pace was dropped precipitously after the 5k test so it’s even harder to keep tabs on it. Instead of the mask I wore the chin strap, and brought it up if anyone was walking by and during my breaks.

I had to do this 5 times, the first 3 times were hard but doable. 800m is about .5 miles. The last 2 times, I felt like stopping the treadmill as I got close. I take it that if I was running on the road, this is where the drop in speed would happen. The moment in which you give up and let go. The great thing about doing this on the treadmill is that all you have to do is nothing. DO NOT TOUCH the speed controls and ride it through.

Next week, I will try going to Van Cortlandt park for this and see how that goes in the very big running track. Since I also feel that doing it in the track by my house makes it hard by it being so small. Going circles in the track or having to traverse narrow bridges in the park make for a poor experience.

Run 7 – 12/25/20 – Missed – I did not run this run. I went to mom’s house for Christmas with the clothes to run it, but, I could not. It was 100% chance of rain and it did not disappoint. First missed run!

Run 8 – 12/26/20 – First Real Long Run – 80 Min – Just like my 5k pace dropped, so did my easy pace. Supposedly I can go as fast as 9:09 pace. Yet, while I did just that, having done the run at a 9:10 pace. I think this was too fast. I felt like I should have done it slower. I seemed to hit zone 3 quite often and that is not the way it should be. I should have never touched Zone 3 and stayed in Zone 1/2. I tried a different route today, one that included some long arduous climbs. Yet, I still get the pace. I’m guessing that those 3’s are the hills!

Other than that, it was an uneventful run. I started listening to Ready Player 2. Not sure how I am enjoying it , but I enjoy the cadence of Whil Wheaton’s voice doing the narration.

The end of the loop I did is California Road a long 2 mile stint. When I use to do my daily drive from work to home. I use to see this road and say damn, look at that hill, imagine running it. I eventually got to bike it a few times which added to the desire to run it. Not sure if it’s long run material. But definitely enjoyed the run. It was solitary with few souls running as well and the few I did see were seemingly concentrated on their task!

Why I Run!

This was written 12/13/20, as I started my road to Carmel Marathon 2021

It’s late and I am trying to quantify why I run. What’s the drive to lace up my shoes and take to the pavement one foot strike after another. The thought has percolated through my brain and ideas have come and gone, some great yet, some mediocre, yet none written. Tomorrow I start the training to what is in actuality my third marathon. I would say fourth since I ran over 20 miles in Chicago in 2016, but while that has a seeded reason in why I run, a marathon in the end it was not, even if I did get to cross the finish line and have a post run brew.

Many of the roads leading to the answer to this question stem from my mother. It turns out she started running in the mid-90’s and none of us were any the wiser. I know I was a teenager, living in exile in the Dominican Republic, but you would think I would have still noticed or cared. Yet I did not! I feel every day like a terrible son for not knowing or showing support. I did not show support either as she started traveling to run, and doing this crazy thing called marathoning over and over again. Today though, I understand so much more. Eventually back then, I did get involved and I did make sure to wait for her at indicated locations when I could to cheer her on. In her last marathon in 2016, her first and for now her last since a terrible car accident in 2015, I ran over 20 miles following her and my sister Annie all over Chicago. Doing the last few miles with them and even crossing the finish line.

Here’s the thing, I look back at Chicago and while I could see my mother was in dire pain. That every step was excruciating, she moved on. She struck her feet on the pavement and kept moving forward. Staying ahead of the pace vehicle, to make sure she completed the course within the preset limits. I don’t remember the pain when I think about it. I remember the fortitude, the drive, the sheer will it takes to cross that finish line when your body is at odds with your mind. That weekend in Chicago, my mother took me from a person that occasionally ran a few miles here and there. A person that does a charity 5k here and there. To someone that trained to run a half and RAN IT! Before I even took to the road for that half, I had also decided that I would do a Marathon. Scary when you cross the finish line for the half and think, wait, I have to do this all over again for a marathon. My mother reminded me when I told her, that training makes all the difference.

Why else do I run. I have read many books that delve from running with god, to running for health, to running for mental well being and so forth. Every running book I read shines a bit of light into a piece of why I run. I run, not because I want to race and be great. I run not because I need something to do to work out. I run, because running has become a part of who I am. It has become a matter of self. I do not see a life in which I don’t lace up and run. By that same coin, I am a goal driven person, and while I remember finishing the 2019 NYC Marathon and thinking never again, I will never again run a marathon. I will stick to the half, such a good distance, challenging but doable. I lied to myself. My goal driven approach will not let me run half of anything. Full or bust!

So, I run because even though, I may not be as fit as I want to be, or as good as I want to be. I am a runner. As a runner, I need goals. Those goals today are races where I have to push myself. In that pushing, I do have conversations with a higher power. In my case a catholic god, or some semblance of what that might be. In that pushing, it works towards mental health. When you are doing a long run and just taking one step after another for 3 hours, you can’t but not think and put the pieces of your life’s puzzle together. The inspiration for all this being my mother who never gives up, and continues to train to this day to once again at some point run 26.2 miles! Who ran, for years upon years without the support she deserved from us, her family.

I run, to run. Roddy Logic at it’s quintessential best. One step at a time, RodGic!

The road to Carmel Marathon in Indiana starts now! I’m keeping a personal journal of my road. This is also the first time I pay someone to train me, hopefully helping me breaking the 4 hour barrier, but at the very least, helping me finish this training healthy and have attainable goals and plans to cross that finish line strong, and not nearly dead as I did in 2019. Thank you XPlora!

Bull Hill Loop – Mt Taurus

(This post was written in Feb 2018, and published 3 years later)

I have been constantly going up and down Bull Hill for years now.  It’s always an up and back affair that is quickly done.  Similar to other quick area hikes like Lamb’s Hill or Anthony’s Nose.  Today I opted for the loop and it was spectacular.  The up to Bull Hill aka Mt Taurus is always quick.  It’s  a straight up climb to one of my favorite views in the Hudson Valley, more than any other in the area including Breakneck, with the added benefit of being a lot less crowded.

I left thinking the loop was going to be 5.9 miles.  It turned out to be more like 5.5 but I will not complain since it was still a great hike that offered enough elevation to rival some of the easier Catskill hikes and the distance to boot.

The first 2 miles of this hike is all climb, with pretty much no chance to take a breather.  It’s an abuse on the mind and soul knowing there is absolutely no respite from beginning to that 2 mile mark.  Along the way you hit the old quarry, followed quickly by a money shot overlooking the quaint town of Cold Spring with West Point anchoring the picturesque view across the Hudson.  Then more climb and it just gets harder and harder.  Until you come to the big boulder I THOUGHT., and this is again thought! was the best view in Bull Hill and it still may be.  It has competition a little further up.  I was not stopping today.  I took in the sight, walked a little more and took in the sight from the other rock up and to the right of the amazing boulder.


I kept climbing.  So I guess I never hit the top of Bull, cause I was still going up until I reached a huge boulder that said NYC Money Shot.  It was a clear day and I could faintly see not only NYC but also the Tappan Zee bridge.  You keep going even more and now you start descending and POW a Northern View with views of the Newburgh Beacon Bridge and the Northern end of Dutchess County.


That was all for the money shots, yet the rest of the hike was still amazing.  You ran into an abandon complex next to a babbling brook I later learned was called Breakneck Brook.  You then follow the brook to the melodic sounds of that amazing burbling water.  There is something peaceful about that sound that negates the rest of the world.   You run into another  abandoned estate and some circle thing I have no idea what it was.  More descending and I reached my car again.



It’s always a dab of fresh air when you revisit a hike you have done over and over again and see it with new eyes, discover there is so much more to it than you ever thought.  My favorite hike just became my even MORE favorite hike, I doubt there is anything that battles Bull Hill in the area.  It gives you a bit of everything, the only one that comes close is Popolopen Torne.