Running all 50 US States

I’m starting a personal challenge to run at least a half marathon (13.1 miles) in every US state. I hope to complete this challenge before turning 50 on March 11, 2029.

States Ran

Washington D.C. while our nation’s capital, is not a part of any U.S. state and is not one itself. It was the home of my first ever full marathon, The Marine Corps Marathon, in October 2018! I ran it with my beautiful sister, Annie. It opened the door to the rest of this list.

  1. New York – I have run the NYC Full Marathon twice (2019 and 2021). I have also ran the NYC Half (Half Marathon PR at 1:50), Queens Half, Brooklyn Half, and other half marathons around the city.
  2. Indiana – Carmel Full Marathon on April 3, 2021, it was among the first in person races post pandemic and as of 4/2/23 my Marathon PR at 4:11.
    • Interlude 1 – London Marathon on October 2, 2022
  3. Nevada – Run Laughlin Half Marathon in Dec 03, 2022.
  4. Florida – Sarasota Half Marathon in Sarasota on January 14, 2023
  5. Texas – Plano Half Marathon in Plano on February 11, 2023
  6. Maryland – Salisbury Half Marathon in Salisbury on April 1, 2023
  7. Massachusetts – Ran the 127th Boston Marathon on April 17, 2023.
  8. Colorado – Time Travel Half Marathon in Colorado Springs in May 27, 2023
  9. Washington – The Super Fast Half in Snoqualmie Pass in June 17, 2023
  10. Vermont – Mad Half Marathon in Waitsfield in July 9, 2023
  11. Connecticut – Hogsback Half Marathon in Riverton on September 23, 2023
  12. Illinois – The Chicago Marathon on October 8, 2023
  13. Oregon – Run Like Hell Half Marathon in Portland on October 28, 2023
  14. Alabama – The Big Beach Half Marathon in Gulf Shores on January 28, 2024
  15. Virginia – Colonial Half Marathon in Williamsburg on February 17, 2024
  16. Tennessee – Nashville St Paddy’s Day Half Marathon in Nashville on March 9, 2024
  17. Missouri – Rock the Parkway Half in Kansas City on April 6, 2024
  18. New Hampshire – Planned Margarita Half for May 12, 2024
  19. Maine – Planned Shipyard Old Port Half Marathon for June 8, 2024
  20. California – Planned Napa-to-Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon for July 21, 2024
  21. Ohio – Planned Goodyear Half Marathon in Akron on August 10, 2024
    • Interlude 2 – Berlin Marathon planned for September 29, 2024
    • Interlude 3 – Medio Maraton Monumental in Santiago planned for Nov 24, 2024
  22. Mississippi – Planned Gulf Coast Half Marathon in Biloxi on December 15, 2024

Tackling all the Catskill 3500 Peaks

For the past two years hiking has become my own version of personal therapy.  Whether I do a hike alone or in a group, every step gets me closer to self healing and awareness.  Up until a month or so ago I limited myself to the hikes in and around the Lower Hudson Valley.  We all know them, you have SugarLoaf, Bull Hill, Anthony’s Nose, Storm King, various different sections of the Appalachian (Cat’s Rock, Fahnestock, Depot Hill),  and the list goes on.  Actually, if you take a look at the Hike the Hudson Valley site, I was pretty much trying to tackle all of those specific hikes.  Then 2 months ago I did a 4000′ peak and two 5000′ foot peaks in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  I honestly loved it, it took me 6 hours or so with a group of friends and all I can say it’s oh my god.

We did:

Little Haystack Mountain, this is definitely NOT aptly named, we went up the Falling Waters Trail which was amazing.  Here is a shot from the top of that peak.  We started the hike on a very cloudy day and as we got close to the peak and the trees started to dissipate, it felt as if I was crossing the clouds to get to the peak.  Almost like crossing over to the top of the world.  Sitting at the top looking down you see the sky starting to break and a hiker about to crest peak.

Top of Little Haystack

At that point, I was hooked, sitting there after climbing 3000+ feet to get to it was mind changing. That peak quickly gave way to Mt Lincoln as we walked along the ridge. Walking along that ridge was a sublime experience, even though the day was cloudy, every where you look it felt like you were above it all.  Like there was no other place you wanted to be at that moment than on that mountain with my thighs throbbing, my glasses fogging and the next peak visible and seaming oh so close, but being way too far.

Here’s a shot from Mt Lincoln:

Top of Mt Lincoln

Finally we continued on Franconia Ridge until we hit the last of the peaks in Mount Lafayette.  Arriving at Lafayette felt like an unreal accomplishment.  I can see why there are many people that just do one of the two outer peaks and just turns around.  At this point, my legs were jello with the prospects of still having to drop over 3000ft in less than 3 miles.  With the only driving force being able to tell myself I did it, and hoping upon hoping that the shack on the way down was open and they had hot cocoa.

Top of Lafayette Group

Top of Lafayette Alone

I came back from that hike with the hunger to tackle something similar but closer to home.  I was gonna head out to the Adirondacks and even scheduled it and then said fuck it and headed to the Catskills to do Indian Head and Twin Mountains, little did I know that they were part of a major system.

Next up, a write up of those two great mountains and how I’m now convinced I will tackle all 35 3500 footers in the Catskills as detailed in this list: Catskill 3500 Peaks!!!

Changing over to Hiking

I’m shifting this blog to the one thing I have been doing the most of lately, hiking!!! It’s not just about the workout but also the serenity it gives.  The mountain becomes your best friend, the ground your one connection and as you climb or descend, the trail guides you.

So, keep posted.  I will write about some recent hikes I have done, and will escalate it to where I am now with a sudden desire to tackle as many of the Catskills 3500 footers as I can.  I’m looking forward to it.

Hello All…

To the one person that is going to read this… me… I say hello… You will notice as you read this that I really enjoy using the …  I am not sure why, it just happens as I am typing.  I’m starting this blog anew after quite some time without touching it.  This of course is not to say that I touched it at all before.  It will be my pseudo diary for the diatribes that come to my mind.  It will be everything from social commentary to my thoughts on some random tech subject.  Maybe I will get some 3-4 followers eventually.

The current splash pic of Gabriel, the youngest of my two sons.  He likes being called Gabe, we call him Gabby.   Anyway, that picture was taking in the Summer of 2011 in Ithaca at Robert H. Treman State Park.  They have a swimming hole there with a diving board right in front of Lucifer Falls.  At this point this was the 4th year in a row we visited Ithaca during the Summer and Gabe 5 when we started going, was always trying to build up the courage to take that 25ft plunge into 20ft deep water.